How we help with your Schools Garden?
We offer a prize!!
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Now is the time to start thinking about getting your School garden ready as come February alot of seeds can be sown under cover.
Children are getting more and more interested in growing their own food and knowing how it grows and where it comes from. 
I have come up with the idea of offering a Patchworkveg Raised Bed*  to a parent as a prize to help with any fund raising that may be required.
The value of this prize would be determined by the size of the order but a value of 10% of the order is a good guide.
So if I can be of any help to you or you need a quotation please contact me or email me.
*Size of Raised Bed depends on order size.
Why do I love growing my own food?
One of the main driving forces are my kids aged 7 and 9.Its their enthusiasm for all things outdoor and mucky.
I love watching their faces as they run out every day or hour as some cases may be,to see if the little seed they planted has started to peep its little head up.
They say a watched kettle never boils but I have evidence that a watched seed does grow!!

There is something very special about growing plants.Its a wee bit like magic and that makes you the grower,the magician.
Take one little seed,add some soil, water and sunlight and watch it turn into a plant.The hard seed case bursts open and from that leaves and a stem pop out and grow.A flower begins to unfold, the fruit expands and ripens. That is the real magic that still amazes me to this day and I am an old codger in this game.
You will have to commit yourself and keep the plant happy,feed it,give it some light, and a nice bed to relax in while it grows-similar to the way you like to be treated yourself.
And at the end of all your work there is a reward you get to eat the fruits or veg of your labour. The taste is totally different than what you will eat from the supermarket that maybe has been flown thousands of miles. Not to sound like Willie Wonka but a carrot tastes like a carrot ,a pea tastes like a pea, and a potato with a bit of real butter is heaven.
Now lets begin our journey and have some fun on the way.