The Peat-free compost that is incorporated to the soil, has gone through a thermophilic process. which means it naturally generates heat up to and above 70 degrees for 10 day of a 90 day process, this will kill any pathogens or weed seeds that maybe present.

We periodically get the compost analyised to P.A.S 100 compost standard. The PAS 100 will look at the pH, available nutrients, Organic matter, Electric Conductivity, Soluble Salts, Maturity and stability

The soil is as safe as any garden soil you will find in Ireland.

With any healthy natural soil it will contain micro-organism that keep the soil working and alive. Having a diverse mix of good bacteria, fungi, worms , insects etc, help add to the mechanics of a soil to aid a growth environment for plants.
However, it is important not to in-digest any soil as it is not a good thing. The human digestion process is different to a worms!!
If you need any more info, please contact me
And as a footnote personally I have never worked with nicer or easier soil before.