Our new Patchworkveg grow wall suitable for balconies or  empty walls in your garden.Make use of all your space to grow. 6ft x 4ft x4ins deep is €130------3ft x 4ft x 4ins deep is €90. Fitting and filling with soil is €50 extra.

6ft 4in long by 3ft wide
5ft by 3ft growing space

For the more leisurely grower

And this is our Easy Access garden that we have been asked a lot about .
The U-shaped bed as shown in photo with 2 trellis(one trellis shown) costs €360.00 (no trellis €310.00)

Slug Deterrent at work
This same bed installed with soil is €550 (no trellis €500.00)  ===============>>>>>>>>>

Sheltered area showing custom built beds against wall.
3 standard 6ft x 3ft raised beds installed with soil €700

2 standard 6ft x 3ft x 14ins high beds installed with soil €500
Beds built into slope.

We even sow if you need some help

2 standard beds 6ft x 3ft installed with veggie soil €500

Small school garden

Donal skehans garden we did.

Last years bed at the wall still looking good.