What do we do?
We make top quality raised vegetable beds and we either sell them to you on their own or we bring the raised beds to your address with our brilliant veggie mix soil and install them in your garden leaving you ready to sow or plant.
Also we have stockists where you can go and buy the beds or beds and ton bag of soil combo's. Please call if any questions. 0862311961

Sean and his marketing team.

Who are we??
My name is Sean Gallagher and I am the owner of Patchworkveg.com. First and foremost I am a passionate  grower with an accumulated knowledge that has come from years of experience growing my own vegetables. My whole approach is to speak and pass on my limited knowledge in a layman's way as allot of beginners can be put of by thinking that growing your own veg is very complicated -ITS NOT!
We don't preach as I feel growing your own food is sometimes trial and error and that is how you learn-from your mistakes. Hey Ill shut up I'm starting to preach.

  • With climate change,cost of food and the old credit crunch on our doorstep, there was never a better time to start thinking about growing your own vegetables.

  • Save at the supermarket tills

  • With seeds and saplings costing only a few cents you can grow your own fruit and veg and save money in these tougher economic times

  • Stay healthy

  • Nutritionists recommend that we eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. By harvesting your own, you can ensure that you have the freshest food available

  • Save air miles

  • By growing and selling food in your own community, you cut down on air miles and carbon emissions that would be otherwise used to transport food to your local shops and supermarkets.

  • Learn new skills

  • Gardening, preserving and cooking skills can all be acquired by growing your own food. There is no shortage of workshops and courses are available for those who want to brush up or start from scratch

  • Get the family involved

  • Gardening offers the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family outdoors. Growing your own food has been shown to reduce stress and offers the added health benefits of exercise, fresh air and peace and quiet
  • So look no further and allow us to save you the hassle of sourcing nutrient enriched soil and veg safe pressure treated timber vegetable beds.

  • Here at Patchwork Veg you can select a Raised Vegetable Bed to suit your needs.
  • You can select from available standard sizes or please contact us for a quote on a custom made size to fit into your space.

The home of well made deep raised beds and top quality nutrient enriched topsoil and plenty of helpful information.
If you are thinking about growing your own let us do the hard messy bit.
We wont show you testimonials-we wont give you price promises- and we certainly wont try to sweet talk you. If you like what you see and would like to deal with an honest ,hardworking nice guy please call and ask for Sean.
Or just go to our website www.patchworkveg.com for some good free information and prices.
We try where possible to make the product ourselves from Irish wood.eg. all our school beds are made by us -NOT imported as we feel ,now more than ever Irish business needs to be supported as its not all about the price but in my view-QUALITY.

PATCHWORK VEG was set up in September 2009 by Sean Gallagher to cater for the developing market that is the Grow Your Own Vegetables market.

Sean has grown his own veg for a number of years and so with first hand knowledge will tell you how beneficial and satisfying it is to wander out into your garden and pick or dig some fresh produce for your lunch or dinner.
Having come from a farming background all things outdoor come as second nature to him.

We have the experience from our 12 years dealing with clients in the construction sector to be able to cater for any design or vegetable plot set-up you may require. Please do not hesitate to contact us for quotes or advice on anything that is not listed on our site.

Have a good growing year.

The Patchwork Veg Team.