Easy Access/ Waist Height Raised Bed

Our Latest Raised Bed that really is Raised.
Easy access Grow Table
Comes fully assembled
€190 + delivery
Installed filled with soil €250

This is the 900mm high (3ft) bed. We can make them to whatever height you choose. The actual bed dimensions are 1800mm (6ft) long by 690mm (2ft4ins) wide and with a growing depth of 11ins. The outer depth as shown is    14 ins. The main advantages of a raised bed like this is the easy working height and off course it would be easy to keep slugs off with some modifcations to the legs such as grease or copper tape. 

Here in this next picture you can see a lower version at 750mm (2ft6ins) high against the higher (900mm) bed.
At 750mm it is the same height as most dining tables so this is perfect for an elderly person that may want to use a chair to sit on while gardening. The bed dimensions are the same as above.

These beds are built to last. Thick 44mm pressure treated timber used. 
  • No more bending. Easy working height
  • Will sit neatly outside your back door for easy access to salads
  • Can be used as a year round herb Garden
  • Brilliant for wheelchair users
  • Makes it difficult for slugs to get at your food.
  • Handmade like all our beds and definitely stronger than any other planter on the market.
So call us now on 0862311961 and order yours or email patchworkveg@gmail.com