TV Exposure on Saturday Night 28th July

Saturday Night with Miriam
This is an old post but please click here to watch Sean  on The Saturday Night with Miriam show. We were on with a company called Clevemama.

July 2012....
Believe it or not I will be on Saturday Night with Miriam tomorrow night. She is doing a piece on businesses that have been started because off or during the long recession we are having.I think there will be a few others on as well. Its exciting.
I am really grateful for the opportunity to show one or two of our products. Without sounding like a gobshite sometimes people tar all raised beds with the same brush but we put that extra bit of work into ours. Yes I know its not rocket science but I believe that if a job is worth doing its worth doing right. That is the reason we use pressure treated timber 44mm thick in all our assembled beds. We also use the best screws as sometime nails can pull because timber over time will try and move and warp. This is also kept to a minimum in our beds because we also line them with a waterproof liner which in turn keeps moisture-and we have alot this summer- from being in constant contact with the timber.
What more can I say but thanks to everyone that has helped and supported us over the years. You can be sure I will  never give up and we plan to have a range of products all over Europe within a few years. That is real folks and I still have to pinch myself to believe that from cutting a few bits of timber in the yard that we hopefully have a great future ahead of us. I have been lucky through doing shows and networking that I have met a few people with excellent European distribution contacts.
So thanks again and do tell your friends to tune in to Saturday Night With Miriam on Saturday night at 9.45pm.