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Happy new year to all you budding (pardon the pun) grow your own enthusiasts.

JANUARY is a quiet time in the garden, but it is also a time where you can wander around with a new stride in your step.I will be surveying what I did wrong last year and yes believe it or not it does happen to me an odd time.
But as with all growing that is where your experience comes from. You can read all the books you want about growing your own vegetables but at the end of the season only you can know what worked or didnt work.Like life  itself you learn and you move on.And even here in Ireland growing in Cork can be alot different than growing in Donegal. So the motto for all you beginners is not " I cant grow any veg" but "I CANT GROW ANY VEG YET" .

Well as I look out my window there is a fair bit to clear after our hard cold spell,which may not be over yet.
This year I will be adding a few recipes and some hen keeping advice as
I have had them for a while now and have learnt the us and downs.
 So what can you do this month.

  • Start clearing any old plants that may not have survived the cold.
  • Keep harvesting leeks and kale etc if you still have them
  • Turn over your compost heap -you will soon need some
  • Some apple or pear trees can still be pruned
  • Get your coldframes ready for action or build some
  • Turn over soil in your beds or top up if needed-the frost will break down lumps for you
  • Think about getting your pest control ready as in nets etc to keep your seedlings safe later on
  • Get out a good seed catalogue and read and chose.
  • One veg to check out is mange tout-this gave me loads last year-easy to grow
And lastly dont be a stranger if there is any information I can give you please contact me-you dont even have to buy anything. But it would be nice if you did!!
0862311961     Sean is the name.