We are proud to show our new Easy Access Raised Garden Bed to cater for the demand by all our limited mobility customers.While exhibiting at Bloom 2010 we got alot of questions about extra height raised gaden beds. So we decided to get stuck in and make a strong sturdy raised bed.These are also an excellant way to grow on your balcony or small back garden.
The Raised Beds come in 2 sizes;
900mm long x 690mm wide x 900mm high (which can be cut to suit different customers.)
1800mm long x 690mm wide x 900mm high ( this can also be cut to different heights )
All beds have a working soil depth of 240mm ( 9 1/2 inches deep)
All have a goetextile covered slatted base to allow for drainage.
The 1800mm long bed has 6 legs as opposed to 4 legs on the 900mm long bed.

Price options are
900mm long raised bed supplied   € 140 plus delivery
1800mm long raised bed supplied € 195 plus delivery

If you require us to install the above with soil in you garden, prices are;
900mm long raised bed with soil  € 220 installed
1800mm long raised bed with soil € 290