JUNE IN THE VEG PATCH-Keep sowing and planting


Have a look below and see the various delicious vegetables you can still sow and plant.
Some can be started in modules in a warm place to help you along. I plan to have vegetables in the ground for most of the year ( frost etc. allowing me).

Keep lashing those seeds into the ground even if you are not by the book you will be surprised how quickly they come.We wont be going for best veg at the country fair,but you will have delicious FRESH vegetables.
At bloom at the weekend one of the main vegetables I told customers that has made me see it is worthwhile this year ,is spinach.Now I will own up and say I bought a small pot on offer in a garden centre as I wasn't going to grow it originally. So I took a chance and split the pot as much as possible and wow it is growing faster than the grass on my lawn. And the simple thing that makes it worthwhile is, when you pick some leaves and you see how thick they are compared to shop bought stuff because they are fresh and you are eating them 10 mins after picking.No cooking needed. A dash of good balsamic and your away.

So don't let me hear you giving up on the growing get stuck in.

Here are some veg you can keep sowing or planting in your raised vegetable beds.

 Beetroot early and main crop; until July

 Chinese cabbage until end of August. Do not transplant; either sow direct or in modules. Some varieties, such as Tatsoi, should not be sown before the end of June, or they will quickly go to seed. Others, such as Joi Choi, can be safely sown in June.

 Calabrese until end of July

Carrots, early varieties until end of July

Try some in a container OR RAISED BED if you've run out of space in the garden. Choose a short rooted variety such as Chantenay or Parabel.

Carrots, maincrop varieties until end of June. Sowings made in June should miss the main flight of the carrot rootfly.

Cauliflower mini - until early July

Chicory, red and sugar loaf until end of August

 Courgettes, marrows and pumpkins choose courgettes and marrow varieties that are resistant to cucumber mosaic virus (Defender F1 and Badger Cross F1) where this is a regular problem. Pumpkins tend not to suffer from this disease. Minimum soil temperature 13C.

 Florence fennel For sowing before mid June, choose a cultivar listed as suitable for early sowing; some cultivars are very sensitive to day length and will bolt if sown before the longest day (21st June). Sow until early August

 French beans until end of June, or July for a late crop of dwarf beans under cloches or in a poly tunnel

Runner beans until end of June

 Kohl rabi until August

 Lettuce looseleaf, Cos, crisphead and butterhead. Lettuce, apart from crisphead varieties, germinates poorly when the soil temperature goes above 25C. This can happen in summer. To avoid this risk in hot weather, sow into well watered soil between 2 and 4pm, then cover with some form of shading material for the first 24hrs.

Salad onions to mid June; sow winter varieties from August onwards.

Pak choi until end of August

Peas maincrop, mangetout and sugarsnap can be sown now, but they do not thrive in hot dry soils. Try a slightly shady spot, and water regularly.

 Pumpkin until mid June

Radish, mooli until end of August

 Sweet corn minimum soil temperature 10C; sow until early June

 Swede until early June

Turnip early varieties until end August; main crop varieties until August.

Get planting these out aswell.Harden a wee bit first under a cloche to help them.

Cabbage, sprouting broccoli, sprouts and other related crops




Cucumbers, ridge

Runner beans

French beans



Sweet corn