• They are great for small plots where you could grow vegetables and or flowers.

  • You can plant closer together as you dont have to make space for walking over the garden.

  • Plants have a tendency to grow faster and larger in raised beds.

  • The temperature of the soil is warmer so you have a longer growing time.

  • This style is suitable to use with the square foot gardening method

( http://www.gardeners.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Gardeners-Site/default/Page-KitchenGardenDesigner )

  • Raised beds help reduce weeding as all of the soil is new and uncontaminated with weeds to begin with.
  • It is also easier to keep slugs and snails off the actual garden as you have the sides of the planter box as a barrier.
  • They certainly prevent soil compaction as the beds are designed so that you do not have to walk over the garden bed.
  • You normally get better drainage as the garden is raised up off the ground level,this is an asset for those who have water soaked soil.
  • You only have to water the actual garden itself, no water is wasted on the exterior i.e. path or surrounding lawn which is a huge issue for those on water restrictions.
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